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Interpersonal Communications for Educators
Hyperlink Page

The following hyperlinks may help in your study of the topics presented in this class. If you find a link that is no longer working or have a link you belive should be added to this page, please notify me.

Visit the C.G. Jung site for an incredible number of essays, articles, book summaries, and glossaries. This is a very extensive site.

Required Readings from the C. G. Jung site:

      Please look all of these over and select the ones that interest you most and read them closely. Bring your comments, questions, and concerns into class discussion.

  1. The Erotics of Blame

  2. Shadow-Boxing: Wrestling with Romantic Partners

  3. Our Soul's Journey from Bethlehem to Calvary and Beyond

  4. Wounded Masculinity

  5. How Our Dreams Can Help Us

  6. The Inferior Function as a Moral Issue

  7. Desperados Love in a Time of Broken Heart

  8. The Importance of Shepherding One's Love

         The Gnostic Society This site is a wonderful repository of historical documents and original sources representing the history Gnostic philosophy. There are also contemporary articles done in a scholarly manner that illuminate the ideas about the role of self knowledge as education and growth.

  1. The Gnosis Archive This is a very extensive online collection of Gnostic scholarship and lectures. It contains a search engine the can produce hundreds of ancient texts online that are fascinating to read in terms of both history and spirituality.

  2. The Gnostic Society Library A marvelous source of direct access to such documents as the Nag Hammadi and Dead Sea Scrolls along with much more.

  3. The Genesis Factor (Steven Hoeller) This is a page within the site noted above and presents a very scholarly view of the gnostic writings about creation, Adam, Eve, and the serpent as metaphors that lead to self knowledge.

A NYT article on Nature-Nurture that is a very good overview.