Revised AYA & Curriculum and Instruction Masters

Comprehensive Examination Questions

Randy L. Hoover



1.    TCED 6936: Fundamentals of Curriculum Development


Assume the role of the new curriculum director for local school district.  You have been hired by an enlightened school administration to lead their mission to achieve the vision of having a validly empowering curriculum. The district is currently entrenched in a typical, traditional curriculum.  You know well that to develop empowering curriculum requires first being able to deconstruct the existing curriculum, then reconstructing it such that it is empowering.

You are going to begin your assignment by addressing the district educators in a professional development meeting.  Create a list of talking points that you will use to present the fundamental substance and process of curriculum deconstruction-reconstruction to the group.  Give examples where appropriate.



2.    TCED 6922: Principles of Instruction


         You have been hired by a local school district as an outside consultant for improving instruction so that students are empowered and their NCLB-related test scores improve.    You are committed to moving the district educators toward nesting standards in thematic unit planning.

         You area scheduled to meet with district educators at a professional development session to begin your work.  Create a list of talking points that explain and distinguish the nature and substance of nesting standards in thematic unit planning relative to traditional instruction.  Give examples where appropriate.