2000 & 2008 Research Studies on Ohio's School Accountability Tests
Randy L. Hoover, Ph. D.
Department of Teacher Education
Beeghly College of Education
Youngstown State University

             This site contains public access to both the 2000 and the 2008 research study of Ohio's school accountability tests. The 2008 study also includes research on the Ohio Graduation Test. The links below will give access to those studies as well as several other relevant items.

Randy L. Hoover                              
Youngstown, Ohio                  
(Email: DrRHoo@cisnet.com)
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Understanding Accountability
Understanding Test Validity and Reliability
Understanding Standards
School Reform and School Accountability
An article by Hoover & Shook (2003)
in the journal Democracy & Education
A Bad Analogy
Hoover's ClassConnections Site