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R. L. Hoover, Instructor
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NOTE: The materials below are class readings & handouts that you will use during the term.
  1. Course Syllabus in MSWord form
  2. Hoover's Guidelines for Graduate Writing (Please Read)


  1. An outstanding two-part article on the origins and flaws of American Meritocracy 
    by Nicholas Lemann, The Atlantic Monthly (September, 1995). 
    Part I: "The Structure of Success in America."
    Part II: "The Great Sorting."
  2. A very good article on the substance of Meritocracy in terms of testing for college admissions by James Fallows, The Atlantic Monthly (February, 1980). This is very relevant to understanding Meritocracy as manifested in high stakes testing in public schools. "The Test and the 'Brightest': How Fair are the College Boards?"
  3. For a through and critically reflective view of meritocracy see "The Big Test: The Secret History of the American Meritocracy" by Nicholas Lemann (1999). (Note that you have to actually get the book, there is no hyperlink to the contents.)
  4. This is a link to a review of Lemann's book listed above and here is the review in MSWord format.

NCLB-OAA-OGT Research Readings:

  1. Hoover's Research Studies on Ohio's Tests
    Be sure to read the short commentaries Understanding Accountability, Understanding Validity & Reliability, and Understandng Standards located on the Research Studies site.
  2. "The Early Catastrophe: The 30 Million Word Gap by Age 3" by Betty Hart and Todd R. Risley
       This is a must-read to beging to grasp why and how advantage-disadvantage plays out in shaping the scores on proficiency tests.
Teacher Effectiveness
  1. Measures of Effective Teaching Project Releases Final Research Report (Gates Foundation)
  2. Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) Project Home Reports can be downloaded for study.
School Reform Analysis
  1. New Findings on School Reform A new take on the whole movement-- Finally!

Educator Evaluaton and Value Added Readings:

  1. Some Implications and Issues for Democracy and Fair Play" An article written by Randy L. Hoover and Kathy L. Shook for the journal "Democracy & Education", Vol. 14, No. 4, 2003.
  2. "(Re)Understanding Educator Accountability: Pseudo Vs. Authentic Policies" A short essay on Authentic Accountability versus Pseudo Accountability By Hoover and Shook, 2004.
  3. Problems with the Use of Test Scores to Evaluate Teachers.
  4. FairTest Summary on VAM in Teacher Evaluation
  5. NYT article on Tennessee's mess with value added and Race to the Top.
  6. Cleveland Plain Dealer article on important Value Added issues.
  7. Education Week Spotlight on Teacher Evaluation.
  8. National Researach Council report on Value Added.
  9. Paper on Tennesee Value Added by Value Added creator Sanders.
  10. Education Week Spotlight on Teacher Evaluation. Overview of some issues.
  11. NYT Comments on New Evaluation Process
  12. NYT Article on the Release of NYC Teacher Evaluations. Pay particular attention to the fourth paragraph.
  13. Required Reading: Article by Ravitch on Teacher Evaluation.
  14. Required Reading: The best article on the science teacher evaluation I've ever read.
  15. Required Reading: Value Added Hurts Teaching. (This may have restricted access.)
  16. Required Reading: Evaluating Teacher Evaluation. (Phi Delta Kappan article exposing value added for the pseudo science and fraud that it is.
Note: I strongly suggest you subscribe to my Facebook "Dr. Hooville" page that gives you articles and updates on evaluation issues and the politics of teacher evaluation along with other relevant political news. You can access Dr. Hooville here. Other Readings on Course Topics:
  1. How a Widely Cited Study Overstates the Benefits of Charter Schools.
  2. Formative Assessment--A Process, not a Test

  3. ! Handouts and Diagrams you will need for discussing assessment & evaluation in Class !

    Assessment Terms

    Terms and discriptors contrasting empowering and deskilling aspects of currlculum and schooling.

    Diagrams for Use in Assessment-Evaluation Discussions.

    Handout on Rubrics

    Validating Issues in Authentic Assessment Handout

  4. Final Project Cover Sheet NOTE: You are REQUIRED to use this on your final project. If you are working with another person, please attach a cover sheet for each one of you but only one copy of the final project.

  5. Comp Questions

  6. MAP