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TCED 6936:
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R. L. Hoover, Instructor

NOTE: The materials below are class handouts that you will use during the term.
  1. Course Syllabus in MSWord format
  2. Hoover's Guidelines for Graduate Writing (Please Read)

  3. Required Readings for ALL Classes

  4. Animating Democracy: The Civic and Pedagogical Imperatives
  5. OAA-OGT Research Readings
  6. "The Early Catastrophe: The 30 Million Word Gap by Age 3" by Betty Hart and Todd R. Risley
       This is a must-read to beging to grasp why and how advantage-disadvantage plays out in shaping the scores on proficiency test.
  7. "School Reform and Accountability: Some Implications and Issues for Democracy and Fair Play"
    "Democracy & Education", Vol. 14, No. 4, 2003. An article written by Randy L. Hoover and Kathy L. Shook.
  8. A short essay on Authentic Accountability versus Pseudo Accountability By Hoover and Shook, 2004.
    "(Re)Understanding Educator Accountability: Pseudo Vs. Authentic Policies"
  9. Diagrams: Teaching-Learning Model and Others
  10. Principles of Interest This is an outline of the concepts used in the Teaching-Learning Model found above. It is a primary source for TCED 6922, but is also quite relevant to this class.
  11. Terms and discriptors contrasting empowering and deskilling aspects of currlculum and schooling.

    Curriculum Deconstruction-Reconstruction Items: (MS Word format)

  1. Final Deconstruction Project Assignment
  2. TaskStream Code: The TS code for this class is the first initial of the Term, the last two digits of the year followed by "mstced" --Example: Fall, 2012 is f12mstced.
  3. Final Project Cover Sheet NOTE: You are REQUIRED to use this on your final project. If you are working with another person, please attach a cover sheet for each one of you but only one copy of the final project.
  4. Deconstruction of a Curriculum
  5. Deconstruction of a Lesson Plan
  6. Validating Deconstruction Questions
  7. Student Deconstruction Example

    Note: The items below are primarily used in TCED 6922, Principles of Instruction. However, they may be helpful in conceptualizing the deconstruction discussions and assignments in TCED 6936 as they are the logical outcome from empowering curriculum development.
    The Outline for a basic Thematic Unit Plan with Nested Standards (MS Word format)
    Validating Questions for Thematic Unit Planning (MS Word format)

    Comp Questions