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     The following represents the basic overview of how I assess (grade) your written work, a "rubric", if you excuse the over-used term. You should feel free to see me if you feel that my assessment was inappropriate or if you wish to know the basis for my judgment. You should also note that in cases where your grade on your final project is in the "C" or below range, I will automatically issue a "PR" (Progress) grade on your report card.

      Should you get a "PR" grade, you should contact me as soon as possible to meet with me about revising your final project. You may choose to take the "C" or below if you wish. I firmly believe that graduate study should afford the student the opportunity for mastery learning to achieve at least the minimum level of performance. So, you do have a saftey net in case you bomb the final project in terms of meeting the appropriate standards for graduate work. My Guide for Written Work for grad students may be found here.

Targets Topic
Applies Class Concepts, Principles, and Ideas
Depth of Understanding and Analysis
Uses Hoover's Guide for Written Work
"A" Work
On Target
Fluid and Appropriate Use
Significant Depth
Follows Precisely
"B" Work
Mostly on Target
Some application and/or not all appropriate
Somewhat Shallow
Mostly Follows
"C" and Below
("PR" Grade)
Misses Target
Little and/or Inappropriate Application
Significant Deviation