Hoover's Scheduled Teaching Assignments

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Updated February 19, 2008
Scheduled Teaching Assignments
Note: Detailed information on each class including syllabi, assignments, hyperlinks, and other information can be accessed on-line from my ClassConnections Page. The class information contained on these sites is for the academic term in which it was most currently taught. The course material, including the syllabus, may be slightly changed for future classes.

Note: Remember that 2 semester hour credits equals what was 3 quarter hour credits.
Fall Semester
TCED 6936Fundamentals of Curriculum Development             Wed 5:10-7:50
TCED 6959Law and Ethics for Classroom TeachersThursday 5:10-7:50
TCED 6922Principles of Instruction Tuesday, 5:10-7:50

Spring Semester

TCED 6936 Fundamentals Curriculum DevelopmentTuesday 5:10
TCED 6951Interpersonal Communications for Educators (3 SH)Wednesday 5:10
SED 6931Secondary School Curriculum (3 SH) concurrently with the graduate workshop "Understanding & Improving OAT Scores"Thursday 5:10

Two Summer Workshops will be offered!
TCED 6951
Interpersonal Communications for Educators (3 SH)
T & Th 1:30-3:30
Course Number: SEDUC 5993N
Course Code:4352
Room: 3405 BCOE

(3 SH)
Room 3405 Beeghly College of Education!
Catalog Number: Seduc 5993R
Course Code: 4353
Room: TBA
The Soul Course in Workshop Form. (3 SH)

T & R for Six weeks:
Tuesday, June 10 - Thursday, July 17
1:30-3:30 PM

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