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     Welcome to the
Listing of Special Graduate Seminars and Workshops
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      This page is home base for any and all special topics graduate workshops and seminars. Listed below are the titles and links to the individual pages for each seminar or workshop. They are all graduate level offerings and focus on special topics. Admission to workshop offerings are open anyone who has either regular or temporary admission to the YSU School of Graduate Studies. In some cases, temporary admission and course registration are handled during the first workshop meeting. The Seminars are open only to those who have regular graduate school admission. For addtional information on a particular offering, please contact Randy Hoover (DrRHoo@cisnet.com).

Inquiring Teachers Want to Know: NCLB, Accountability, & the Future
(Team taught with Kathy Shook)
Summer Film Workshop
Workshop on Ohio Proficiency Tests and School Report Cards
Applied Knowledge: Teaching for the Workplace
Workshop on WWW Site Development
YCS Teaching for Empowerment Workshop
Hoover's Teaching Schedule for the Year
Consulting, Inservice, and Professional Development Offerings