Forces and Factors Affecting Ohio Proficiency Test Performance:
A Study of 593 Ohio School Districts

Randy L. Hoover, Ph.D.
Department of Teacher Education
Beeghly College of Education
Youngstown State University
Youngstown, Ohio

February 20, 2000

Section 1      Overview of the Study

Section 2      Frequently Asked Questions

Section 3      Primary Findings

Section 4      Actual District Performance: Controlling for the Presage Factor

Section 5      Federal, State, and Local Funding Variables

Section 6      Teacher Data

Section 7      African-American and White as Variables

Section 8      Advantagement- Disadvantagement as a Predictor of OSRC Ratings

Section 9      A Brief Closing Statement

Appendix A    Basic District Data (Not available due to its extremely large file size.)

Appendix B    Actual District Peformance (Peformance controlling for Presage Factor effects.)

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