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R. L. Hoover, Instructor

NOTE: The files listed below are class hand-out material that you will use during the quarter.
Course Syllabus
Communications Log Assignment
Communications Final Project Options
Hoover's Guidelines for Graduate Writing (Please Read)
Hoover's Basic Grading Rubric for Final Projects
Diagrams for Class Use  (Multiple Items for Download)
Ego-Soul Analogies
Free Will Article: NYT
Guidelines for Written Work: Form and Style for My Grad Students
Handout on Psychic Energy and Experience
Reading: Psychological Type and the Matching of Cognitive Styles (Bargar & Hoover)
Books related to this class-- To be discussed in class.

Relationship Questionnaire- As a MS Word File Version.

The Aventurous Temperament Test An online NYT Blog Offering

PsyType Inventory Instrument (Note: You may get a warning about entering this site. Not to worry as it is secure and harmless. -rlh)
Workshop Application Form