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Law and Ethics for the Classroom Teacher
Hyperlink Page

The following hyperlinks may help in your study of the topics presented in this class. If you find a link that is no longer working or have a link you believe should be added to this page, please notify me.

The Ohio Revised Code: Education Section: This link contains all the headings in Section 3319 of the ORC.
    Eligibility for continuing service status; limited contract; notice of intent not to re-employ is in sub-section 3319.11
    One-year conditional teaching permit for individual seeking alternative educator license is in sub-section 3319.302.

A very powerful site for finding law, court cases, and key legal issues. It also has a good index and search engine: Findlaw.Com

Wright's Law explanation and Search Engine (Child Advocacy) Up-to-date information about effective advocacy for children with disabilities.

This page focus on Constitutional law. You can find briefs of all Supreme Court cases discussed in class and the readings by using the search engine: Hoo's Supreme Court Case Search Engine

Hoover's Ohio Proficiency Test Analysis
(Regional and State-wide Results, The Data, Commentary, and Links)

This link will take you to an overview of the use of the ACT as a basis for making judgments regarding intellectual ability of students. It speaks to both the nature of the ACT and the legal process of finding it invalid as a basis for granting scholarships. For resources on testing and the fallacies of standardized tests, visit the section covering the public organization FairTest on my Sec Ed 6936 (Fundamentals of Curriculum Development) Links page: Federal Court Rejects ACT-Based Scholarships

Links to Various Education Policy Sites, State and Federal Sites, and Corporate Sites on Education and Schooling.

Ethics Links:
Online Article on Ethics (Worth Reading)

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University This is a very good site for looking at contemporary ethics across a wide variety of social areas. Please surf their site.

Kohlberg's Stages - Explained & Illustrated

Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development Exercise

PAD Editorials by Alfie Kohn

Leading Moral Dilemma Discussions

Moral Dilemma

Guidelines for the Teaching of Character Education and Moral Dilemmas Within the Context of the Humanities Program at Clay High School

15/09/97 -- News: Moral dilemma: student denied right to withdraw from course

The Mystery of Iniquity: Reconciling God and Evil