6959: Law & Ethics for the Classroom Teacher
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     Welcome to the
6959: Law and Ethics for the Classroom Teacher
      Home Page

      This page is home base for your 6959 course. Listed below are the links to materials and information you will need during the quarter. The first link takes you to a copy of the syllabus for the quarter and the second link takes you to the site where you will download various class materials that were, in the olden days, handouts distributed in class. The third link is to access hyperlinks to other sites that serve as resources for your teaching and learning relative to this class. The fourth link is to the Discussion/Message Board where all students in all my classes can interact to pose questions, to discuss issues, and to help each other. The fifth link is to the F.Y.I. page that will allow us to communicate about class meetings, special dates, and general information important to your success in our class. The sixth link takes you directly to the Hoover FindLaw search engine which will enable you to study aspects of any and all U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

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