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R. L. Hoover, Instructor

NOTE: The materials below are class handouts that you will use during the quarter.
Syllabus in MSword format
Final Project in MSWord format

Special Course Readings

  1. Draft Evaluation Board Policy
  2. ODE Paper: Myths about Ohio's Teacher Evaluation
  3. Essay on Democratic Teaching & Civic Education
  4. Problems with the Use of Test Scores to Evaluate Teachers.

  5. How a Widely Cited Study Overstates the Benefits of Charter Schools.
  6. (Re)Understanding Educator Accountability: Pseudo Vs. Authentic Accountability
  7. School Reform and Accountability: Some Implications and Issues for Democracy and Fair Play
  8. OEA Analysis of Sub HB 153: Republican Anti-Educator Law
  9. TV and Youth Values Article
  10. A brilliant article by Bill Moyers on American democracy.

Guidelines for Written Work: Form and Style for My Grad Students
Basic Grading Rubric for Final Class Projects